Halloween: Trick or Treat?

| Amanda Massarelli |

As Halloween approaches, kids are racing to pick out the perfect costume, and their excitement to stay up late and collect bags of candy is teeming. But what about us? We’re stuck in the gray area between childhood and the world of grown-ups. Where do we stand on the topic of Halloween, is it still socially acceptable for us to indulge on this particular night of the year? Or should we be forced to pack away the fun for good and hope the future is all it cracks up to be?

Some people see October 31st as any other day of the year. They don’t take in the excitement as much as others do. They stick to their daily routine and make sure they get to bed early, as this is crucial for their self-esteem. For such people, the word Halloween is seen as simply a myth, or better yet, a trick. A hoax they won’t fall for. Halloween is childish, they’ll say, it’s a day for the failures, rebels and lost souls of the world to come together and assume that they mean something. This narcissistic assumption couldn’t be more wrong.

What conceited individuals fail to realize is that Halloween reunites the dreamers of the world. Those who believe in a better ending and who are willing to put in their time to make someone’s day. Together, we greet fellow Trick-Or-Treaters at the door, organize festive gatherings and set up house decorations in the hope of spreading fun and laughter.

We’re only as young as we feel; it’s better to be seventy and a kid-at-heart rather than twenty and miserable. So for this Halloween day, I encourage you all to make the most of it.

Make sure your Halloween experience brings a Treat, rather than a Trick.