How the movie “Soul” taught me how to live my life during the pandemic

By Caroline Sun During the pandemic, I developed a hobby for watching movies, and I mean watching them attentively and trying to find the meaning or the message behind the story’s plot. One benefit that I have experienced from it is that I learned some life experience from what the characters go through. I guess that partly replaces the experience I’m missing in real life … Continue reading How the movie “Soul” taught me how to live my life during the pandemic

CEGEP R-Scores

By Simon Kidd 

While opening my locker, the R-scores came back. It began as a murmur, which rose to frantic whispering, and then to screams of jubilation, jealousy, and pain–all within a single moment. The R-scores returned, but not with its usual vengeance. A warm blanket of optimism immediately swept through the school, which was great on a surface level…but the implications of the change had not fully set in. Continue reading CEGEP R-Scores

Unveiling the Implications of Bill 62

By Catherine Integlia 
Edited by Simon Kidd 

On October 31st, as I was on my way home, I witnessed a grown man pass the STM tolls wearing a full face mask. No one stopped him, no one bothered to tell him he should take it off, and no one even cared to identify him. Mind you, there’s no reason to feel intimidated; masks are worn simply in the spirit of Halloween. What is scary about this scenario is that, on any other day, a woman could be refused entrance to the metro for simply expressing her culture and religious beliefs… Continue reading Unveiling the Implications of Bill 62

Hillary Clinton in Montreal: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth 

By Abby Shine

On October 23, Hillary Clinton visited Montreal to promote the release of her new book “What Happened.” The event, which I luckily had the opportunity to attend, took place at the Palais des Congrès.

The event began with Mrs. Clinton opening with a few remarks. Her speech mainly dealt with the idea of gender inequality within the realm of politics. When men gain power, they gain respect. The opposite occurs with women. It seems as though the more power they get, the more negative traits (aggressive, bossy, annoying, etc.) they begin to be associated with… Continue reading Hillary Clinton in Montreal: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth 

Thoughts from the Satirist

| Benjamin Rudski |

To be honest, at first, I did not want to write this article.  I usually like to keep quiet, hiding behind my satirical quips, not wanting to offend either side. In this polarised world, I did not want to be a polarising figure, but rather one who could bring a little levity to some of the more serious events in the news. But then I realised that, as somebody born in the United States, as a Canadian, as a lover of freedom and democracy, and most importantly, as an observant Jew and the grandson of a refugee, I could not remain silent. Continue reading “Thoughts from the Satirist”