Hobbies in Times of COVID: Anson

Interview by Alice Fang Tell us about your journey with piano? “Like most Asian children, I started playing when I was 4 years old. I’ve been taking piano lessons ever since and only had to stop due to COVID. ” Because you are so passionate and talented in piano, why haven’t you considered a carrier in it? I have always considered piano as a hobby; … Continue reading Hobbies in Times of COVID: Anson

Getting to Know our President

By Alice Fang Before the start of the semester Fall 2020, Humans of Marianopolis interviewed the current president of the MSU, Laurence Liang, about his visions and projects. 1) What is the main project that you want to accomplish, while you are in the congress, that will benefit the student life at Marianopolis? “There are many projects that I want to accomplish with the main … Continue reading Getting to Know our President