When I Wake Up from This Dream

By Emma Westenberg Afterthoughts, post pandemic: Connecting with others playing sports (soccer…) Indeed, connections are easily built without any conversation needed. Passing the ball around the field and scoring together links people together like magicy. Teammates bond quickly. After the game, speaking to strangers is very interesting. During the match, I form an image of their daily lives simply by judging their style of play. … Continue reading When I Wake Up from This Dream

Get Your Eyes Checked

By Simon Kidd

Paying attention in class is a difficult task even on the best of days. Students know that they might struggle with lacklustre organization skills, terrible sleep hygiene, mental health issues, boring classes, or teachers who present in the dark. However, these issues are well-known, even though some students will not necessarily change their routines to improve their attention spans. Continue reading Get Your Eyes Checked

Blue Lips for Life

Fayeza Ahmad 

I woke up with a start, my heart pounding. For a few seconds, I had trouble figuring out what had awakened me until I heard worried voices from my grandmother’s room. Every morning, she wakes me up, worried I have slept through all my alarms. In fact, she insists that my siblings and I give her a print-out version of our schedules every semester so that she can  keep a tab on when we start school in the morning and when we will come back home at the end of the day… Continue reading Blue Lips for Life

The College Life

By Amanda Massarelli

Enrolling in College can be difficult for anyone. Students are expected to juggle the pressure of maintaining good grades, the hope in meeting new friends, the competition in athletics and the desire to be the best that they can be. This is especially true for First Years at Marianopolis, a school in which students aim high and the word “stress” is only an understatement. Continue reading “The College Life”