Getting to Know our President

By Alice Fang

Before the start of the semester Fall 2020, Humans of Marianopolis interviewed the current president of the MSU, Laurence Liang, about his visions and projects.

1) What is the main project that you want to accomplish, while you are in the congress, that will benefit the student life at Marianopolis?

“There are many projects that I want to accomplish with the main one being the Innovation Hub. Innovation Hub is a platform to connect mentors, services, and resources with students to empower their projects. No students should be left out because of lack of resources. Therefore, the congress wants to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to transform their ideas into reality while helping the community and the student body.

The Marianopolis Innovation Hub is not fully completed as we are approaching the end of this semester, however, the ideas are well laid out on the website and involvement is encouraged. “

2) What has been the biggest challenge that you’ve had to overcome during this pandemic? As a congress member, president, and student.

“The biggest challenge that I have to overcome as a congress member was communication. We had to ensure that the student body and the members are up to date since the reality is different when everything is online. Also, we had to figure out how we can communicate our ideas efficiently. As for being a student, I am always trying to improve myself after each project finishes. Overall, I am beyond grateful to be part of a team where everyone is beyond passionate about their work. “

3) What do you like to do in your free time?

“That is a question that I like to be asked. During quarantine, I picked up running again. I enjoy long distance biking with friends, spending time with family and playing guitar. “

4) Is there any plans for the MSU to stay as active as before, ie. Mental health days, study nights etc. during this pandemic?

“Of course, we are working tightly to stay as active as before. With the pandemic, we are trying to transition everything onto social media (Facebook, Instagram). We have multiple challenges that students can partake in and giveaway.”

5) As President, you need to have numerous meeting with the school personals, including academic deans, students’ services, etc. What are the current important issues at Mari that you would like to address to them?

“The most pressing issue is, of course, COVID. Our primary goal is to ensure that the students are safe; but also figuring out how the exams can be conducted in a fairly manner. Metal health is also part of our list of priorities.”

6) What would you say to students who feels vulnerable, alone and without friends? (during this pandemic)?

“Please don’t hesitate to reach out! At Marianopolis, there are several services including peer-tutoring, academic advising, etc. If someone is not able to help, they will definitely redirect you to someone who can.”

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