Caught in a Western Sieve: Library Woes

By Benjamin Rudski

Try to put yourself in the position of someone who goes to another CEGEP. When you hear “Marianopolis”, what’s the first thing you think of? It’s probably going to be that we’re super-nerdy no-lifers who spend all our days studying, who never get any sleep.

Isn’t this an image that we want to maintain? Well, it’s a bit difficult to keep up this perception when the library is closed. The library, the centre of the universe, the house of the reserve collection where all the textbooks live, closed for renovation! Why?! Well, it turns out that some people think we need air conditioning and heating. Is the stress of homework and midterms not enough to make us work up a sweat? Isn’t that sweat evaporating enough to cool us down? Why pour so much money into an artificial, mechanical system when we are already equipped with the all-natural means of temperature regulation?

Anyways… forget fighting progress with idealism. Let’s look at our present situation. The day after Donald Trump’s inauguration as President, Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway introduced the world to a novel idea: alternative facts. Well, let me introduce you to the idea of alternative study spaces. For some people, they’re easy to adapt to. I have heard positive reviews about the auditorium. However, my personal experience was not as amazing. It’s true that I didn’t have to fight off crowds the size of those at Trump’s inauguration to find a seat, but there are a couple of the necessary creature comforts of nature that seem to be lacking in there. The major endangered species in the room is the power outlet, found only in select environments. Desks are pretty much extinct.

In my exile, I have journeyed long and far, and I seem to have found a temporary haven in the I-300 study area, but at great personal cost. That’s right, in addition to taking gym and having to ponderate, my third instance of cardio for the week is the long walk from my locker in the basement of the A-wing to the third floor of the I-wing. I’m just thankful that the B-wing, now possibly the most vital artery that we will never take for granted again, has finally reopened! So, we at last have something to be happy about. What’s more, the library’s expected to be back up and running soon, so the only change we’ll have to get used to is the new ventilation. I hope we’ll be able to manage.

On that note, have a good semester. Remember to keep calm and not to steal my study spot.

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