David Cao: Conductor of Change, Coordination, and Possibly Electricity

By Simon Kidd

What is your role within Congress, for those students who have not been following the election process?

I’m External Affairs, so I’m in charge of everything outside of the school boundaries. So relations with other CEGEPS, relations with other organizations outside of the school. I also represent Marianopolis in the Coalition of Anglophone CEGEPS (COAC). So I basically represent Marianopolis in the surrounding community.

As part of that job, will you reach out to other CEGEPS? I know that’s the point of your role, but how does that work?

Basically, there are different routes to communicate with other schools. One of them is through the Coalition of Anglophone CEGEPS. There will be meetings where every representative within the Cegep Anglophone system get together to discuss plans, so that’s one of the ways to plan out intercollegiate events. As I mentioned within my campaign, I know other students from different CEGEPS which are active within their respective communities, like Brebeuf, John Abbot, and Dawson. I can definitely contact them personally as well, so that’s the other way. So basically, it all boils down to initiative.

So you had some interesting and ambitious goals in your campaign. Which ones are you focusing on the most in your role as Coordinator of External Affairs?

One of my priorities is to obtain coupon partnerships with restaurants around Marianopolis. Brebeuf already has that system in place, so there’s precedent. I was disappointed to learn that Marianopolis doesn’t have those kind of deals with restaurants yet, so I really want to make that happen.

Another ambitious project that I’ve been working on is to create CEGEP games, which would essentially be a bunch of intercollegiate competitions for prestige and to promote school spirit.

Why did you run for this position within Congress?

I’m just someone who loves socializing and meeting new people. I feel like I can make the most of that skillset in my role as Coordinator of External Affairs. I know it’s cliché, but I love this school and I want to bring something positive to it. I feel like it’s way better than my old high school 🙂

Often Congress members have dipped their toes in the waters of Student life. What is your background in that area?

While I never took part in student council or government directly at my old highschool, I have worked as Vice President of marketing in student enterprise. It really helped me improve my ability to work with a team and create realistic budgets. I was nominated finalist actually, for ‘Best VP in Marketing’ by the end of that year. I also actively participated in Model UN and got a few nominations and awards.

I was also concertmaster for the West Island youth symphony orchestra. I think that the role of concertmaster really helped me develop my teamwork skills, in terms of helping others and creating a cohesive team.

Wow. You’re quite humble about it, but that’s actually a lot of experience.

Yeah, I never really actively participated in student unions at my old high school, but I believe that my past experiences have prepared me well for my role here in Congress.

Knowing that you were the VP of Marketing at your own school gives me a lot of faith in your ability, in terms of knowing what to do with creating those upcoming coupon deals…

Definitely, it brought me experience being the VP of marketing, having to contact manufacturers, sponsors, and making deals within a company.

That’s excellent! How has Congress been in Marianopolis so far? What’s the community like?

Well, I’ve only been here for three weeks, and working within my role for five days, but it is a positive experience so far. The community has been welcoming and enthusiastic. Everyone in Congress is working together to create a super lit year.

If you want to reach out into the wilds beyond the college of Marianopolis, David Cao is the Congress member to call!


FB and mio: David Cao

Congress room office hours will be posted soon

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