Breaking: Join a Club Day was a Clusterfudge

By Simon Kidd 

Join a club day is shaping up to be a disaster of epic proportions. We are reporting live from the Student Lounge. Crammed in the undeniably anxiety-inducing room, the vaguely tropical environment has become a hotbed of intrigue. Thirty tables have been shoved into the room, with two clubs sharing a table. The Lounge was…. Crowded before the doors opened, but now it makes a rave look like a Finnish bus stop.

Students mill around, wandering aimlessly in search of inspiration… or possibly deodorant. The smell is not pleasant here in the Student Lounge! Despite that, excitement is in the air. We are a mist machine, whistle, and boombox away from a viciously cutthroat club rave. If you don’t like claustrophobia and want to sign up for the PaperCut, apply with the form below!

Pictured Above: Student Lounge

If you are a club executive and want to contact us for a collaboration or article, inbox us!

PaperCut Application Form:

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