Humans of Marianopolis (Fall Semester)


“When I first came to Marianopolis for student-for-a-day, I told myself I would never come here for CEGEP. Maybe it was because I visited during the particularly dull month of February, or maybe it was because I had gotten too comfortable at the school I had attended for twelve years; whatever the reason, at the time, I just couldn’t picture myself living through memorable experiences and building meaningful relationships with the people I would meet here. I was completely wrong. My out of province friends often tell me how they wish they had had some sort of transition, a limbo period, between high school and where they are now. Many of us come to Marianopolis for academic reasons, but CEGEP also fosters a certain degree of self-actualization that is important for university. Make the effort to branch out and meet new people, try new things and get involved; you’ll enjoy your time here!”

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“Everyone has a story. It’s compelling how the stories of other people can have an impact on you and your beliefs. I once had a conversation with an Uru man from Lake Titicaca in Peru. The man had built an island made out of reeds on the lake for his family. I admired the way they survived off of the land and the way they lived such a simple and precarious lifestyle. Most of all, what fascinated me was how this lifestyle brought them a sense of complacency and fulfillment. These shared and vicarious experiences have taught me to pay special attention to the stories of other people. The ones that may seem trivial at first may ultimately end up being more significant than you could have ever imagined.”
“You know how we can rarely see the stars in the city? Maybe it’s because they’re not in the night sky, but rather, on the ground… I was wandering around on the top of the roof of the Montreal Congress Centre. Don’t ask me why; I was simply there to admire the night view. But apparently, there was another person there, and we started a conversation, just like that. What this person said about stars deeply resonated with me. There is beauty inherent to nature and chaos, but also to cities and order; the beauty of a place may differ, and often it’s about appreciating the simple things that make that place unique. Something I learned that night, when a stranger said those words to me, is just how complex the human mind is. At that point, I fully realized the creativity, curiosity and insightfulness of other people beyond my own mind, and that’s exactly the reason why I care about us humans. Call it sonder.”
Mary Lynne:

“When I was in elementary school, I was bullied by a girl who I thought at the time was just petty and mean. I later found out that she had a tumultuous family situation, and I reached out to her. I remember her being confused as to why I was nice to her, but I knew that she was in need of a friend and my need to help her overcame any hurt she had inflicted on me. I realized that people are so much more complex than they seem at first, even though it is easy to place labels. My experience as a child has made me empathetic, and for that I am grateful. Whenever I see someone who is being verbally abused or hurt, I feel the immediate need to ameliorate the situation. There is far too much hatred, bitterness and cruelty in the world we live in. Be a light for others by believing that we, as a society, can do better, by fighting for what you know is right and by refusing to close your eyes to injustice.”

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“I have this personal philosophy that, if you have something nice to say, you should always say it. If I think someone has an interesting perspective on a certain subject or if someone looks pretty on a certain day, I feel the need to tell him or her. You never know what someone is going through and I think that little compliments can go such a long way. There’s nothing romantic or flirtatious about it; it’s purely about making someone’s day a little brighter. It makes me sad that some people are reluctant to complimenting others in the fear of being too forward, of being judged or of being awkward. Spread love whenever you can, without fear, and don’t ever regret it.”



“Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about puppies.”



“I didn’t have many friends growing up, so I spent most of my childhood by myself. But I wasn’t sad. I rather enjoyed living in my own head. I could have my own adventures and explore in my own way. My parents didn’t seem to mind… until I started to wander off without telling them where I was going. I was the source of a few kidnapping scares in my household. Even now, when I’m out, I’ll forget to text my parents to tell them that I’ve made it to my destination. Sorry Mom!”



“What would your future self tell your present self?”

“Don’t invent a time machine.”



“What advice would you give to the world?”

“So advice for the world huh? I think that my advice would be not to care so much. The universe is going to take care of you and I don’t think you can do anything about that. I believe in destiny and what people say about you is so not important. Like, so not. And soon, when we grow up, we come to realize that actually the less you care, the more happy you are and the more you grow up, the more you realize that people don’t care what you look like or what you think about because they’re only worrying about how other people look at them and that’s the dumbest shit in the world.”


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