Athlete of the Month: Andrés Cabrera-Thompson

PaperCut exec Alfonso Fernández sat down with our wonderful athlete of the month, Andrés Cabrera-Thompson, for a short Q & A.

Q: What martial arts are you practicing at the moment?

A: At the moment, I am practicing Muay Thai, which is basically kickboxing except you can use knees and elbows as well. I am also practicing both Brazilian and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, the latter of which I have been practicing the longest.

Q: What was it that made you want to get into martial arts in the first place?

A: I first got into martial arts mainly because a bunch of my friends started doing it in grade seven. Alumni from my high school who started Jiu-Jitsu there and had obtained their black belts came as volunteers to continue teaching anyone who wanted to learn.

Q: Are you planning on competing on a more professional level, or do you plan on continuing this for fun?

A: I’ve thought a little about competing but I’d have to get a lot better first, for now I just do it cause I enjoy it.

Q: What is your biggest source of inspiration when it comes to working to get better so many times a week?

A: I try to go to Muay Thai about 2-3 times a week, plus the martial arts class at [Marianopolis] twice a week as well as Jiu-Jitsu back at my high school with my old sensei whenever I get the chance. I guess my inspiration or my motivation can be chalked up to how much I enjoy it. I started back then with some of my best friends and I continue to do it to this day.

Q: Do you plan on learning even more martial arts in the future or are you content with the ones you practice now?

A: I know I’ll be continuing with Muay Thai as well as Brazilian and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu for as long as I can, but I probably won’t be branching out until I have a bit more time outside of school. When I do however, I have been looking at MMA as a way to maybe tie everything together or Capoeira, another Brazilian martial art which seems pretty interesting and looks really fun.

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