The College Life

By Amanda Massarelli

Enrolling in College can be difficult for anyone. Students are expected to juggle the pressure of maintaining good grades, the hope in meeting new friends, the competition in athletics and the desire to be the best that they can be. This is especially true for First Years at Marianopolis, a school in which students aim high and the word “stress” is only an understatement.

When asked about the encounters of stress so far in the semester, 17-year-old Emmanuel Diamantakis had this to say about the question, “On the days when I have 3 consecutive classes, it can be very overwhelming. I cope with it by making sure I manage my time wisely and listening to music helps calm my nerves as well. As a student, all I can do is try my best.’’

We all have our busy days. Heck, everyday might be a rollercoaster for some of us. There will be days when we might not get through it as fast and efficient as we thought we would, but the crucial thing to remember is, like Diamantakis mentioned, to try our best. In the end, no matter how much time we dedicate to our studies, there will still be certain tasks left unfinished, and that’s okay. We’re all human and we won’t let it define who we are.

Besides the anxiety and panic that arises from living The College Life, there are also the joys that come from getting to know new people, who share the same interests as you! Former student Antigoni Sarlis relives her first day at the campus, and even though she walked in knowing not a soul, that didn’t stop her from meeting some creative people who take part in her program. “Of course I made plenty of new friends in Arts Literature and Communications, it’s great to meet people who are interested in the same subjects as me. During my free time, I love to paint and it’s wonderful to express that passion with others.’’

Engaging yourself in the Marianopolis community is a good way to feel a sense of belonging. For First Years, the College Life is something new and exhilarating. Mutual support is what makes the difference. Don’t fear the unknown, rather, welcome it with open arms. This was a common theme in student Diana Benea’s response to What would you say to those who want to get the most out of their college experience? “I’d say that they shouldn’t be afraid in stepping outside their comfort zone and signing up for activities. That’s the stepping stone in making memories. Also, one thing I’ve learned is to be open-minded, which will help make their college experience a blast!’’

Marianopolis College is such a unique school. Filled with students who are devoted in their learnings, dedicated teachers who are experts at their fields and a diverse culture. Alex Milovan expressed his feelings towards the school: “What I love about Marianopolis is the independence and freedom. I would definitely recommend Marianopolis to my peers for its competitive environment, as I’ve found it both challenging yet motivational.’’

They say the College years are the best of our life. We learn, we grow and we reflect. These precious two years will have its ups and downs, but without the obstacles of everyday life, we wouldn’t have the courage to say “I made it through’’. For Marianopolis students, it’s the determination that’ll get us to the finish line. Believe in yourself and the world is yours, or at least, The College Life.  

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